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Meet Presley

From Utah
Age: 10

In her mother's words, Presley is smart. She loves to learn! She is fun. She loves her friends and her friends love her. She loves adventure! She teases. She jokes. She giggles and is mischievous!


She is beautiful! She is pretty to look at but it is more than on the outside. Her little light shines through and she exudes happiness and beauty! She loves to choose her clothes, how her hair is styled and isn't happy unless it's her choice. :) Girl's got style for sure! 


Presley knows she does things differently, but she also knows she is the same.

At 2 years old Presley was diagnosed with SMARD. She lost her ability to walk, eat normal and breathe. She is trach/vent dependent and is the happiest, most beautiful girl with such a love for life! She smiles non-stop and has changed the world of all those who meet her!

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