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Phone: 773-751-9010

E-Mail: smard@smashsmard.org

Address: 3 Londonderry Lane

               Lincolnshire, IL 60069

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Meet Sadie

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From Texas
Age: 4

Sadie Jewel is a sweet, little 4 year old from Texas. At 5 and 1/2 weeks of age she went into respiratory arrest on the way to a doctors appointment. She was diagnosed with SMARD at 3 months old during a 6 month hospital stay at Children’s Medical Center in Dallas. Since coming home in July of 2015, we have learned a whole new life of caring for a child with special needs. With ‘round the clock nursing care and a mini ICU, we keep Sadie healthy and happy. She enjoys many Things like other 4 year olds do: spending time with family, playing with toys, reading books, and most of all Disney Princess movies. She is well known for her sparkling smile and her elaborate bow collection.

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